Your Photo Shoot


THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to market your property. Photo shoots are scheduled between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday. I will give you an estimated time for your photo shoot, but you do not have to be present. If you need to cancel or change the time of your photo shoot, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule.

TIME OF DAY  Is there a particular time of day that your house looks its best? Before we schedule your photo shoot, please advise me of the best time of day to get the best possible photos of your home.


PETS must be crated in a room that will not be accessed by the photographer or removed from the home during the photo shoot. Hide all pet toys, bowls, crates, etc.

CURB APPEAL Close garage door, remove trash cans from view, move cars from the driveway. Cut, edge, trim bushes, freshen mulch and flowers. Prepare yard the day before the shoot.

KITCHEN Clear off counters. Hide non-essential appliances such as toasters, can openers, mixers, etc. Remove magnets and papers from the refrigerator.

DE-PERSONALIZE Remove family photos, personal items, or anything that you do not want in public photos. Holiday items should be put away.

REMOVE CLUTTER from every room. Remove clutter from counters, floors, and over doors (hooks, bags, hats, etc.). Children’s large play toys should be stored in the garage.

(Photographers are not responsible for moving clutter or picking up and will photograph your home as is.)

MAKE BEDS and close all closet doors.

BATHROOMS Remove toiletries from showers and tubs if they will be seen in the photographs. Clean shower curtains. Fold towels over towel bars or hide from view. Close the toilet seat covers/lids.

FANS & LIGHTING Turn fans off and turn lights on.

OPEN BLINDS and CURTAINS  Open all the blinds. Let in the light! If you are not there for the photo shoot, my photographer or I will do this for you.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER has a specific plan and format for taking photos. If it is necessary to be present, please go to an area of the house that the photographer is not in.

I plan to meet the photographer at your house to help out and ensure we get the photos that work best with our marketing plans.

Dee Signed

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