Dee’s Key Notes (January 2020)

“Help Me Help You!”

Just a quick 3-2-1 note from your friend and real estate agent, Dee. Hello, 2020! It’s that time again when I set goals, make lists, jot plans, clean out drawers, reorganize my stacks and piles, and prepare, yet again, to turn big ideas into reality. I’ll admit, my New-Year sparkle and energy usually wear off after about a week. But, not this time. I have a plan! A Jerry Maguire — Help me help you! kind of plan. Each month, I’m going to share with you 3 tips (21 total) from one of my favorite procrastinate-less-and-get-stuff-done books, Eat That Frog! And, as I help me (with these frog-eating tips), I help you. See? Result: We all eat our frogs, tackle our projects, and sparkle green together! Are you in? Great! Let’s begin.

3 tips to help you focus on that important task or project you’ve been wanting to start—or finish. (You know the one.)

  1. Set the table: Decide exactly what you want to accomplish. Write it down (your goal or project) before you begin. 
  2. Plan every day in advance: Think on paper. Make lists, plan tasks, and prioritize. Every minute spent planning can save you five or ten minutes in execution. Work from your list.
  3. Apply the 80/ 20 Rule to everything: 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results. Concentrate and spend more time on the top 20%, the most important tasks—your frogs! (Note: When staring at more than one frog, eat the ugliest one first.) 

*Source: Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy

2 bits for Buyers, Sellers, and Buyer-Sellers (homeowners thinking about making a move) 

A 2020 forecast from

  • Buyers: New construction grows, home prices flatten, interest rates remain attractive. Qualifying for a home is easier, but finding one is harder.
  • Sellers: Pricing needs to be right, so approach pricing with care.* Savvy sellers who adjust to local market conditions will benefit from steady demand.

*Did I ever tell you that I’m a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor? (I will make sure you are savvy.)

1 funny to end on 

Where is a frog’s favorite place to eat? At IHOP, of course.

No, really, no more pancake jokes.

Eat that frog and dwell well,

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