Dee’s Key Notes (for December)

Just a quick 4-3-2-1 holiday note from your friend and real estate agent, Dee.

If you’re short on time, just read this: Whatever you do or don’t do, celebrate or don’t celebrate, mix up or pare down, travel away or host at home . . . my hope for all of us is that the lights of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa — or whatever/whomever it is we light candles for — will brighten our lives, bring us peace, warmth, and joy, and remind us to be kind to one another and be glad for all of our wonderful differences. 

More good stuff below.

4 fun things to do from Jax to St Augustine 

  1. The Riverside Arts Market, Saturdays, 10 to 3.
  2. Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks, downtown along the St Johns River.
  3. Enjoy a meal and a movie at the Corazon Cinema and Cafe.
  4. Bow-WOW! Dog Park on Ice at Jacksonville Ice (partnered with Humane society).

3 foodie ideas 

  1. Dine out in Jacksonville area’s best restaurants top-rated for their overall cuisine (one of my family’s faves: Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse). 
  2. Planning your own at-home dinner party? Here are some great table-setting tips.
  3. It’s cookie time! Here are some irresistibly easy Christmas cookie recipes

2 pieces of real estate info 

  1. Jacksonville’s for-sale inventory decline came close to the national 8.8% average, with year-to-year inventory falling 7.8%
  2. Days on the market (selling time) in Jacksonville has fallen since 2018 (-3%)

    (Source:, December 10, 2019)

    Dee’s note: Due to low resale inventory, selling your home may happen quickly. While finding you that next home may take determination, patience, and creativity. Wow, what a coincidence, these happen to be three of my best qualities!  

1 quote

“There’s nothing funnier than the human animal.”

~ Walt Disney

Dwell well this holiday season,

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