Dee’s Key Notes (for fall)

Some horrifying, hair-raising home decor trends of the past (just for fun)

  • Fuzzy toilet seat covers (scariest one on the list!) 
  • Popcorn-textured ceilings
  • Wallpaper borders (worse yet: wallpaper border on top of wallpaper)
  • Floral chintz and artificial fruit (Okay, it was the 80’s)
  • Round beds (oh my gosh, those 1960’s!)

If these things are still in the cobwebs of your memory, just shake your head and laugh. If you’re still enjoying floral wallpaper and popcorn ceilings, I’m sorry. But on the bright side, looks like you’ve got some fun home improvement projects in your future!

Speaking of scary home improvement projects . . .

Here’s a not-so-scary home improvement project to consider — replacing or adding new floors (if you’re not afraid to make your home more marketable). This was the most common project in 2017, according to this Harvard housing study. Over 5 million homeowners upgrading their floors in 2017. 

Tip: If you’re considering installing new floors, go for it! Whether you’re going to stay or sell, your future buyer will love having already-installed, updated floors. 

Thankful for delicious T-day dinner inspiration and ideas 

I can’t believe it: Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether you’re into soul food or vintage, vegetarian or Hawaiian, elegant or easy-to-make, here are some delish turkey day recipe ideasBetter Homes & Gardens Thanksgiving Menu Ideas.

Or…make reservations (soon) and let someone else do the cooking: here are some ideas/restaurants serving T-day dinner around Jax.

Dwell well and enjoy your fall holidays!

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