Why should I inspect my own home before I sell it?


10 Reasons Why a Pre-listing Inspection is a Smart Idea:

  1. Makes a good first impression with buyers by showing proof of your home’s condition.
  2. Allows you to more accurately price your home so it will sell for the best possible price.
  3. Helps you avoid surprises or unknown problems that could cause your sale to fall through.
  4. May help you sell your home faster by avoiding delays during your sale caused by unexpected repair or replacement issues.
  5. Will help you to stand out from the crowd by adding pre-inspection home info to your marketing materials.
  6. It’s a proactive approach to your sale, rather than reacting later to a buyer’s inspection report.
  7. You can obtain repair estimates before you have a buyer, then you’ll know what to budget for or negotiate later when a buyer offers to purchase your house.
  8. It reduces the stress of selling your home because you’re well prepared ahead of time.
  9. Spending a little money upfront (for a pre-listing inspection) could save you a lot of headache throughout the whole home-selling process.
  10. Learning about and disclosing what you know about your home is always a good thing.

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